Drawing a Small Mandala

Good morning! Today I will be showing you how to draw a small and simple mandala. When drawing this it shouldn’t take as long as the others as it is small, which always good if you want to do a quick doodle or perfect your skills. It’s also a starter to if you want to design your own mandala tattoo as you can learn the basics and use the guidelines. (only design and not do the actual tattoo). So without saying to much I hope you enjoy this tutorial. 😀

1. First of all you will need blank white paper (or any colour of your choice), also my paper size is 22x22cm (however I will only be using a small section of this paper) so you know as a guide, a black fine liner pen, a thick liner pen, a pencil, a compass, rubber, long ruler a and a short ruler.


2. So once you’ve got all your things set up the best way to start is always in the centre of the page, to do this you could either fold you page in half and half again to get the centre or if you are working out of a book like my self then I would advise you use a ruler to line it up to the centre of the page, you will then need to draw 2 lines, one horizontal and the other vertical as shown in the picture.as shown in the picture.


3. Next get your short ruler and line it up with the vertical line and start drawing small dots or lines every half a centimetre from the centre to 4cm on your ruler.


4. Get you’re compass and from the centre start joining up you lines, remember to adjust your compass half a centimetre every time you join up the next line. after it should look like this and there should be around 9 circles/rows.



5. Get your ruler again and draw two diagonal lines from the top right corner to the bottom left corner and from the top left corner to the bottom right corner. As presented in the picture below.


6. We can now start the pattern. I have started the pattern simply just by drawing straight lines within the second circle/row draw. The best way to make it look neat and symmetrical is by using less lines and sticking to 3/4 lines per little section. as shown in the picture below.


7. Moving to the next row draw one semi-circle per-section



8. After, staying within the semi-circle dot the middle of it, then draw a smaller semi-circle inside using the dot as a centre reference.


9. Going to the row above the first semi-circle,  draw half a triangle that will join up by the semi-circles. When drawing the triangle use up around 3 rows. ( Half triangle is just two lines that comes to a point like: /\).


10. Keeping within the triangle draw three stems that join together. This is best shown in the picture.


11. Then above the middle stem, draw a little circle above it.


12. Once you’ve done that, go to the out side of the triangle and draw two little semi-circles within each other, which will join up the space between the triangles. Also remember that them semi-circles will finish a row lower than the triangle.


13. Once you have done that, you would need to go to the row above the triangle and draw bigger semi-circles that will join the triangles together. Also it is best to use 1 semi-circle per-section.


14. After go to the row above and draw petals the size of 2 row and these petals will also join by every half of the semi-circle.


15. Now within the petal start to draw triangles in the centre of the petal. the tip of the triangle will finish the row below the petal.


16. In one half of the triangle start drawing diagonal lines going across. (I would stick to around 5 lines per triangle.)


17. Going to the outside of the triangle, start drawing mini semi circles that surround it. I would suggest using the rows as I guide to how many semi circles you would do.


18. Next, go to the outside of the petal and draw small circles in the gaps between each petal.


19. After you’ve done that, above the petal where it joins to a point, add two more circles horizontally one big and one small.


20. Then get your fine liner and go over your drawing, shade in any bits you want to stand out and finally rub out the pencil and you’re done!




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