How to Draw a simple Mandala Design

Hi guys and girls, this will be the first tutorial on how to draw your first simple mandala. The best way to start is to always to use more simple shapes to begin with so then after you get the hang of it, you can then do more complicated and intricate patterns. I will be demonstrating this with pictures and step to step instructions. I hope you enjoy ūüôā

  1. First of all you will need blank white paper (or any colour of your choice), also my paper size is 22x22cm so you know as a guide, a black fine liner pen, a thick liner pen, a pencil, a compass, rubber, long ruler a and a short ruler.


2.So once you’ve got all your things set up the best way to start is always in the centre of the page, to do this you could either fold you page in half and half again to get the centre or if you are working out of a book like my self then I would advise you use a ruler to line it up to the centre of the page, you will then¬†need to draw¬†2 lines, one horizontal and the other vertical as shown in the shown in the picture.

20161203_153845 (2).jpg

3. After you have done this, get your compass and open it to width of you book/paper and from the centre of your page draw an outer circle, this is used as guide to where you would finish your drawing.

20161203_154112 (2).jpg

4. This is what it should look like after you have lined it up.

20161203_154208 (2).jpg

5. Next get your long ruler and line it up with the vertical line and start drawing small dots or lines every half a centimetre until you reach the centre.

20161203_154500 (2).jpg

6. Get you’re compass and from the centre start joining up you lines, remember to adjust your compass half a centimetre every time you join up the next line. after it should look like this and there should be around 21 circles/rows (if¬†you paper is the same size as mine it should not matter if you have got different.)

20161203_155333 (2).jpg

7. Get your ruler again and draw two diagonal lines from the top right corner to the bottom left corner and from the top left corner to the bottom right corner. As presented in the picture below.

20161203_160348 (2).jpg

8. Now that we have lined everything up, we can now start the pattern. I have started the pattern simply just by drawing straight lines within the second circle/row draw. the best way to make it look neat and symmetrical is by using less lines and sticking to 3/4 lines per little section. as shown in the picture below.

20161203_160931 (2).jpg

9. Moving up to 4th circle/row, we will now draw small semi-circles in the circle making sure you keep within the lines, as well as making sure you draw around 3/4 semi-circles per section so it can look symmetrical.

20161203_161416 (2).jpg

10. Move up to the 6th row and start drawing 3/4 small circles per section.

20161203_161853 (2).jpg

11. From the 7th row to the top of the 9th row you will draw bigger semi-circles that will join together. This will be two halves of the semi-circle per section and they will join up by the section line.

20161203_162124 (2).jpg

12. Staying within the semi-circle, draw a smaller semi-circle within, using the line in the centre of the semi-circle as a guide to achieve a symmetrical semi-circle.

20161203_162740 (2).jpg

13. Going back to the 9th row, draw a half of a small triangle in-between the gaps of the semi-circles. Remember to keep the triangles within the 9th row. (A half triangle is just two lines that join together to make a point like this; /\)

20161203_163007 (2).jpg

14. Within the half triangle draw two smaller half triangles.

20161203_163101 (2).jpg

15. Now Go back to the 9th row and draw mini semi-circles on top of the half triangles. (I would suggest doing 5)

20161203_163600 (2).jpg

16. This is where is becomes a bit tricky, by using the bottom of row 10 to the top of row 14, start to draw a petal by using the centre of the semi-circle to start your petal, then draw a centre line at the top to draw one half of the petal, finally join the other half of the petal to the centre of the semi-circle next to the one you started off with. this is best showed in the pictures.

20161203_164834 (2).jpg

17. After within the petals, draw a smaller version of the petal inside the petal, using the guide of the 13th row to be the point of the smaller petal.

20161203_165457 (2).jpg

18. From the bottom of the 13th row to the top if the 18th row draw half a triangle and join the two lines up by using the centre points of the 13th row to the 18th row. as demonstrated below.

20161203_165839 (2).jpg

19. Next Draw two smaller half triangles inside the bigger half triangle that you just drew. This is best drawn by using the top of row 16 as the centre for one half triangle and using the centre of row 14 top line for the second half triangle.

20161203_171402 (2).jpg

20. Going back to the main half  triangle, on top start drawing mini semi circles that surround the outside of the half triangle. I would suggest using the rows as I guide to how many semi circles you would do. For example I drew one semi-circle per row.

20161203_171608 (2).jpg

21. After you have finished start to mark the centre points between the half triangles using top of row 16. then draw semi-circles joining the half triangles together, and do the same for row 15 as well.

20161203_172236 (2).jpg

22. Once you have done the two semi-circles, underneath row 15 draw three small circles in shape of a triangle.

20161203_172904 (2).jpg

23. In-between row 15 and 16 where you have done the two semi-circles, now draw lines within them to join them up.(It is up to you how many you do, but I would recommend to stick to 10 per semi-circle).

20161203_173202 (2).jpg

24. Now you can go over your drawing in your fine liner.

20161203_173448 (2).jpg

25. Remember to join up you circles together with the patterns (if you want to).


26. Finally all you have to do is shade in the bits you want to be black and go over the lines you want to be thicker, then rub out the pencil and you’re done!



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